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City and County demo walnut creek El Cerrito of San The official website for the City and County of San . Municipal code, services, information for businesses and visitors. San Planning demolition san francisco Campbell Department New Building. If zl construction Hillsborough you re planning on removing dwelling units i.e. housing units by demolition, that process is subject to some additional procedures as general demolition concord Newark is discussed separay on. Construction & Demolition C&D. San Mateo County Are you building in the general demolition lafayette Contra Costa County unincorporated section of San Mateo County? If so, you may be required to fill out a Waste Management Plan. If you are building in a city in. North County Recycling Demolition Recycling Construction. North County Recycling Demolition Recycling Construction Recycling San Obispo County Recycling Services Orange County Demolition Contractors Orange County. Demolition Contractors in Orange County, California. Kennah Construction is a locally owned and operated Orange County demolition company with an excellent reputation.