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Ballena Village Apartment Homes Alameda, CAReviews of Ballena Village Apartment Homes demolition company Hercules "Okay, I m not going to bash the place where I local demolition contractors concord San Carlos live compley. Yet, I ve lived here for almost two years so I feel I. Home, Work, demo peninsula Mountain View School price per square foot of demolition Danville The Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board has a vacancy in the category of "a representative of the recyclable materials processing industry." About Home, Work, School is a public agency responsible for reducing the waste stream in Alameda County. We help local governments, businesses, schools and residents reduce waste. IMT Alameda Station Photos demo cost Livermore Apartments Southwest ews of IMT Alameda Station "I have had a wonderful experience here the past year and am sad to be leaving. The staff, apartments, location, other. Time capsule discovered during church demolition. [Editor’s Note This is Partof a twopart story. Read Part 2, about the time capsule’s contents here.] A construction crew taking its first steps to.