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ZLC Corp is committed to environmental sustainability and green business practices. It is important for us to work in a way that minimalizes the impact we leave on the environment without compromising our quality of work. We believe that our actions speak louder than words so check out how we are doing our part to help the environment.

Just like our pool removal process we employ “The ZL Way” to make sure that everything we do is environmentally friendly. We care about the environment and comply with all third party certification requirements with city and county recycling laws.

Concrete Recycling

Most of the material we remove from our job sites is concrete. There are several ways in which we manage this material. During Partial Pool Removals we place most of the concrete in the bottom of the pool which minimizes our energy usage and reduces carbon emissions needed to haul off this material. Additionally, this reduces the need for extra fill material further reducing energy and carbon emissions needed to transport fill material. The rest of the material is taken to a special concrete recycling facility located close to our equipment yard. During a Complete Pool Removal, we haul all of the concrete to the local recycling facility where is it properly and environmentally recycled. These facilities re-manufacture the concrete into aggregate and other construction products. Therefore one hundred percent of the concrete we demolish from our pool removals is either reused as fill or recycled.

Metals Recycling

The bulk of the material we remove and demolish, aside from concrete, are metal. Most of the pumps and rebar that can be found on the job site are made from recyclable metals. In order to properly recycle these products we use an outside company who guarantees sustainable metal recycling. This metal debris is properly recycled and manufactured into other useful products.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our sustainability programs.

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