The demand for pool removals continue to grow as an increasing number of people no longer want to deal with high maintenance costs and the excessive use of water during the drought. There are many reasons why your pool may have outlived its usefulness. Your pool may be:

  • old, outdated or in need of major repair
  • too expensive to maintain
  • occupying precious backyard space you may want to use in a better way
  • a safety hazard for your family
  • using too much water during the drought

Whatever the reason, our pool removal division,, can customize a solution to meet your exact needs. Below is a brief description of the two most common methods used in pool removal.

Type I - Partial Removal

This method involves partially collapsing the perimeter of the pool while leaving a portion of the cavity in the ground. We break holes into the bottom of the pool to allow for proper drainage. The pool is then filled with soil and properly compacted. This method is the most common among our customers and the most budget-friendly.

Type II - Complete Removal

This method requires the entire pool shell to be removed before being filled with dirt and properly compacted. Many homeowners may prefer this method and many cities may require a complete pool removal as well. Please visit our website to learn more about why pool removal is the right option for you.